Into Love And Out Of Luck

by Alex Keith

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released May 1, 2011

Written, recorded & mixed by Alex Keith
Mastered by Chris Griffin, Atlanta, GA

Alex Keith - vocals, instruments
Rachel Hebert - vocals
Jason Burns - banjo

Many thanks to friends Rachel Hebert, Jason Burns,
Thad Phillips, Alex McKeown, Bruce Lanier, and
Chris Rowell.



all rights reserved


Alex Keith Birmingham, Alabama

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Track Name: Into Love And Out Of Luck
you know that this will end
down the line like it does
forget all the places you've been
and the ride, you’re on

you say you want an answer
something like pushing down a wall
we even take for granted
it gets you what you’re scared of

tell me who can you trust with a love
and how do you know what’s up
when you want it push comes to shove
falling into love and out of luck

yeah there’s a place where we can stop time
and keep it like the keeping’s real
and just when you got it all right
time will tell

you feel it creeping in
like a crack in the window pane
blown around and back again
it always seems to knows your name

it slips away (from us)
it’s like a missing point in time
that won’t come back
when it’s gone

it disappears (from us)
it’s like it’s not enough
perhaps it’s only fear
that it’s right

tell me who can you trust with a love
and how do you know what’s up
when you want it push comes to shove
falling into love and out of luck
Track Name: He Calls You Babe
well you might not even know it
or hear the words he said
you’re talking while you’re sleeping
as a dream pulls you away

he calls you babe

and you fumble with a reason
like the wind that left a sail
the passing of the season
sometimes it’s hard to tell

he calls you babe

do you wanna get out of here?
i know a place where we can go
when we get there we may never want to leave
for that sunrise again

and it might not want for nothing
but it wants to keep it right
and when you find you’re needing
arms to hold you tight

he calls you babe

and you see that sun arising
as you wake up from the night
whispers with your breathing
and a warmth comes with the light

he calls you babe
Track Name: It's Good Enough
i’ll tell you something
i might never know
just what the hell it is
i want from you

but come on take it
with a little grain of salt
yeah open up your mouth
and taste it

it’s good enough
it’s good enough baby

if you knew better
you probably wouldn’t wait
for this to come out in the wash
oh no no

the only lessons i can tell
are the ones i never learned
how to deal with
oh how to deal

but it’s hard to think
that the seasons won’t catch up
with the time we spend
drinking from our cup

and to waste away
even as you know
but despite the day
it’s good enough

yeah i’m sure the day will come
when we cross paths
and pause to sigh
at what it was that passed

just long enough
to see a shadow in the light
flicker on flicker on
and fade out

it’s good enough
it’s good enough baby
Track Name: Lay Me Down
i saw it in a dream
a city up in flames
running through the streets
searching for a way

to climb another mountain
to swallow pride and pain
waiting for the morning
and dawn’s light to wash away

as you lay me down
like a setting sun
you ease my wandering mind somehow
and you give me hope/peace

when you come around
like a gentle wind
you lift my burden off
now it’s you i want, it’s you i need

i woke up from a dream
with black rain coming down
still surreal it seemed
just another place somehow

where shadows walk with names
but fear to turn around
and nothing stays the same
where the wind blows without a sound

lay me down
watch the sky move along with me
stay around

lay me down
take my hand move along with me
stay around
Track Name: Look A Little Harder
look a little harder darling
love will surely find a way
yeah even in a world of darkness
even if it’s not today

yeah come on sit and talk
tell me about your day
there’ll always be tomorrow
or so they say

but it’s been a really long, long ride
it’s getting mighty hard to say
and even with the warmth between us
and even though we’re on our way

but if the timing just ain’t right
we may never find our way home tonight

look a little harder darling
we lost love in the doubt
it needs a little bit of something
if it’s gonna make it out

feels almost like breaking
like it’s gonna fall
we maybe could of seen it coming
or built a wall

but sooner or later
sooner or later we’ll make it
sooner or later we’ll make it right
Track Name: I Still Wait
you found yourself
caught between
where you are
and where you want to be

with open arms now
with every means you hold
onto morning light
and sleepy dreams

i still wait
for you to come around
and i still search for a sign

oh i still hope
for a reason
to celebrate our love

if you blink
time will pass
and fate will leave
you here with empty hands

it seems so long since
we first laughed aloud
now it seems so long
since i held you close
Track Name: Settle Down
you know you’re falling down
can’t keep up
and this one won’t be pushed around

but you don’t know
till it’s bad enough
to tell ‘em everything that you found

and now it comes to you
yeah comes to pass
that rocks will sink in a pool

and if you want it bad enough
you better settle down or better run

and now you’re all amped up
without a rest
and she’s a measure of the wind

the kiss and wait
while you seem fit
will always get you in the end

and now it calls to you
from upon the hill
it ain’t that special with a view

and if you want it bad enough
you better settle down or better run

you might not care what used to be
you might not care to look ahead
but she won’t wait for the rain to clear the dust
or for your feet hit the ground

you know it well enough
and that’s enough to know
she might come but then she’ll go

down the wishing well
yeah it told you so
it only tells you what you wanna hear

but it could care for you
even calm your mind
wind don’t blow all the time

and if you want it bad enough
you better settle down or better run
Track Name: Everything You Got
i want everything you got
and you got nothing for me
i want every time you breathe
and your poison lips on me

yeah i drove all night, to lie beside you now
just to feel alive again inside
oh you give me a reason to never come down
and in the morning you leave me
with everything you got

i need everything you are
and nothing you will be
i need every little touch from you
and your cunning hands on me

i see everywhere we are
and nowhere for us to be
i see every trick we pull
and every little scar we leave
Track Name: There's Still Time
amazing this odd life
i bet you never knew
we’d find ourselves a fight
and end up black and blue

you found every reason
i sought a just excuse
it only took a season
to render it abused

there’s still time
to be more than
what’s locking us inside
out of some burning sky
there’s still time

a twisted play on words
to wish we’d never said
and now what seems absurd
is nothing new instead

we talked and tried to stay
locked up in our room
but now to find a way
is all that we can do
Track Name: Who's She Loving Now
who’s she loving now

and it’s always hard to see you’re blind
but if you wait around the wind will blow
and seasons change like people’s clothes
that fall upon the ground, yeah you brought it on

who’s she loving now

so you come to find you’re with lock and key
but she said she’d rather just send you a postcard
and it feels like rain 'cause your bones scream out
ever time she looks with those fleeting eyes

who’s she loving now

but there comes a time when the time ain’t right
and a time to wash her scent from your sheets
and move along 'cause there’s nothing to see
but a lover to be, coming in the night

who’s she loving now
Track Name: When It's Gone
you could take a little piece of it with you
just to make it easier to follow through
or hold onto all the fairytales we made
or hold on to all the love we gave

i could play a guitar in my sleep dear
sing you a song until my heart’s clear
but tears will find a way when a man falls down
tears will find a way when it’s gone

it’s like it past before our eyes
but too late to see
all the things you weren’t looking for
you found when it’s gone

you could talk it out in a loving tone
build you a voice and make it so strong
that every window in this old house breaks out
every window opens up to let it in

i could take a little piece of it with me
but i should know better so i better not
memories of the time that we spent played out
memories of the time that we spent

when it’s gone, it’s gone